Granite Countertops?

The money is in the kitchen. Everybody wants granite countertops says Kevin Dolby.

He would know. With over 12 years in the real estate business and a partner in home improvement, he has viewed hundred’s of properties.

Looking at your dated laminate counters, you may jump to the conclusion that installing a gorgeous slab of this igneous rock would increase your home’s value and bring in more buyers.

The reality is you can sell your house without granite countertops and there’s no guarantee it’ll sell for more with them.

With Kevin’s expert advice and our in-depth market research on buyer preferences, we’ll help you decide: Will granite countertops increase home value in your market? Then, follow our 6 tips to maximize your ROI and invest in granite countertops with confidence.

Cost versus value: Are granite countertops worth it?

Granite countertops vary between about $40 per square for lower-grade granite and $100 per square foot for higher-grade granite, plus installation costs. The grade of the granite refers to the veins, markings, thickness, and other factors that characterize the quality of the stone.

The national average to purchase and install granite countertops is $3,100, according to HomeAdvisor—a small price to pay compared to a full kitchen remodel, which stacks up to an average of $22,839.

According to the 2017 Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of Realtors, 54% of Realtors have suggested sellers complete a kitchen upgrade before attempting to sell their home, although only 57% of the cost is recouped.

To cut the cost of a full remodel, a countertop upgrade could be just the ticket.

“I typically don’t suggest a seller to spend a large amount of money in order to sell their home,” Kevin said. “It’s going to depend on the comparable homes in the neighborhood.”

If every other active listing in your area has granite countertops, it’s a wise choice to add granite countertops before you put your house on the market. Then you can price your home competitively to attract buyers and sell your house for more money.

If comparable homes don’t have granite countertops, the cost of adding them likely won’t recover as easily. New, modern countertops justify a higher list price—but if that makes your house more expensive than other listings in your area, it could be harder to sell.

Go even deeper and ask your real estate agent about the buyers in your area. Are they looking for customizable fixer-uppers or turn-key homes?

Some buyers prefer to choose their own materials when moving into a new home, so brand new granite countertops won’t push them towards making an offer, whereas buyers looking for move-in ready homes are willing to pay a bit more for upgrades.

Lastly, make sure granite countertops will match the rest of your home. If your kitchen is dated and in need of a full remodel, new granite counters are like lipstick on a pig. One expensive update won’t change the fact that your kitchen needs work and buyers won’t be willing to offer more for it.

To recap, granite countertops are worth the cost if:

The comparable homes in your area have granite countertops

Buyers in your area prefer move-in ready homes

Granite countertops match well with the overall look of your house

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